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The Kees in Cameroon

Paul & Janet Kee

51 Years in Africa

January 2017 marks 50 years since Paul's parents, Windle and Barbara Kee, went to Nigeria. The Biafran War caused them to leave to Cameroon. Paul started preaching in December 1967 and went back in the summers of 1972-1976 as an apprentice. W. Paul and Janet M. Kee are the only missionaries for the Church of Christ living in Cameroon. They have been working there full-time since 1976.

W. Paul and janet Kee have been doing full-time mission work since 1976. Paul went to Harding because of the Mission Internship Program, and got his Master's from Harding Graduate School of Theology in Memphis. He was Missionaryin- Residence at Freed-Hardeman in 2000- 2001. Janet has a degree from Southern College of Optometry and has given out almost 9,000 pairs of used eyeglasses and cases, along with tracts and Bible lessons. Read more

Cameroon Report


July 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This year has been very good, in terms of our work here in Nso’, Cameroon. We thank you for your prayers and support for all of this. The Lord continues to keep us safe and healthy. We have also been blessed with record attendance in Bible School and in the Annual Scholarship Lectureship. Yet the most rewarding results this year have been the three congregations we have started. Lamsno' Bible

Brother Jean Pierre Magnam’s TEAM started a congregation down at Liv, still within the Nso’ tribal area. Brother Simon Kiru’s TEAM started a congregation at Ndem, Mbo’o in Oku, with more baptisms this month. Brother Fai Emmanuel’s TEAM added members at Mbinon and Lassin, the areas in Noni where they have been working. My TEAM, at Ngham, Oku, have started the congregation at Koiykwak. I continue to go there many weekends, and we keep on visiting and studying with prospects. The Bible School had 10 French speakers in the regular sessions this year, the largest number since 2003. For the first time ever, we have had a French section also in our Advanced Courses this summer, with 4 Francophones. In the English sections, we have had 5 or 6 throughout the terms.

Paul Kee with Lamnso Full Bible TranslationThe Bible School also has an Annual Scholarship Lectureship the fourth week of May. This year we had almost 130 congregations represented and a record attendance of 494. This was in spite of the travel difficulties, but we asked long-distance people to come early, on Sunday, to be ready to start on Monday afternoon. All the speakers’ lessons were printed and in the free file folders. Feeding, water supply, and sleeping arrangements went better than ever. We really have a great congregation in the States supporting this special effort every year. We hope more of you will visit during that time.

In January we supported, with material and some personnel, a campaign outside of Bamenda, to start a new ongregation at Awing. In February we took two car-Baptism in Cameroonloads of workers way back in the bush down a hand-dug road to Ekuru Up. This congregation hosted an Mbembe Lectureship/Campaign for the natives of that tribal area - 5 hours north of us. We have a family working part-time in that area.

In March, we were blessed with three visitors from Collinsville. They were an elder (Jason Wright), a deacon (Jeff Davis), and the preacher, Kelvin Pugh. We were happy with the opportunity to show them the work they have so loyally overseen for many years. They got to see a lot of different areas, like Ngham, Ndu, Buu, and others. During their stay, we had a North West Quarterly Lectureship/Cam¬paign that was hosted by the Ngondzen congregation. The visitors were especially impressed by the evangelistic spirit and efforts of the people in this area. They asked so many questions about that and methods of soul winning. They hope to rejuvenate their evangelistic outreach at Collinsville also. 

I mentioned about the congregations that have been started and added to, this last dry season. We normally do that work from the end of October, when we have Bible Distribution house-to-house in the 8 - 10 targeted quarters where we will preach. We have been working in TEAMs of four, three days every weekend, right to the end of April. Read more