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The Kees in Cameroon

Sharing, caring, & teaching the Good News


What to Brinq and Plan For

Since we live at 5,200 feet and it will be in the middle of the rains, we recommend trousers (like Dickies), a couple of long sleeve shirts, five skirts or dresses for ladies, a windbreaker, a sweater, and anything else you need to stay warm. Good socks, T-shirts (not logo),Paul Kee etc. are needed for your comfort. If you are fond of umbrellas, you can bring a collapsing one, or buy one in Cameroon. I only use ball caps, to keep my glasses dry! If it is a normally wet year, expect 2 inches of rain a day, with cool evenings and early mornings, even though it is Africa. Please, no shorts for this campaign. DISREGARD THESE INSTRUCTIONS AT YOUR OWN PERIL! Of course, other parts of the country campaigners will be visiting are hot and some of our days in May in Nso' are very warm, so short sleeves are needed. No suits or sports jackets are recommended- too sweaty! One pair of track shoes and one pair of some kind of Sunday shoes are enough, but don't bring new or good ones- too much red mud!

A very nice digital camera with two zooms (optical and electronic) is recommended, especially if you are not going right back to the States on the 30th. We will ask each campaigner to bring some New Testaments for the campaign, plus some tracts. Each person will have one free 50 lbs. bag, for sure. Most of the time we are getting two free bags, although a second bag can be paid for, if necessary. We DO want you to bring some stuff for the work, and some gifts for helpers. The regulations on weight are harder going back than going to Cameroon, so one bag can be left behind. Sometimes, those traveling straight to the U.S. get a second bag free.

Post Campaign Options

Leaving together on May 30th, there is the possibility of staying in Paris or Brussels for a night or two, or staying in Europe Cameroon Churcheven longer, especially if this a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Everybody will leave Douala together on Tuesday, May 30th, to fly out that night at 9:30, arriving in the States on Wednesday afternoon and evening. If you want to stay over in Europe after leaving Cameroon, you will have to decide and plan early!

Questions, Decisions, and Contacts

Our email is Our home phone is 901-386-9911, and cell phones are 618-365-0515 and 256-763-9101. Collinsville Church of Christ is at 1400 Troy Road, Collinsville, IL 62234-5146. Phone 618-667-6708. One preacher is Terry Mabery, one of the elders, who has been to Cameroon. Our financial man is Robert Patrich (he has also been) at 618- 407-9283.

Feel free to write and ask questions, without committing. We will have some suggestions about raising money and involving congregations. We will need final commitments by January 2017, ticket money, passports and shots by February, and final "meetings" by April, 2017. Please keep us in your prayers.

In His service


W, Paul Kee

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