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The Kees in Cameroon

December 11, 2006.  God has been so good to us! Tomorrow we end up our special 10-day campaign by sending the last five people back to the States. The first batch left last Tuesday, and others left on Friday. We are so grateful for those who came, and for the wonderful results. As you will remember, this special campaign was centered around the celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of the arrival of the Church of Christ in Cameroon in 1956. Seven years ago, we had volunteered to host the National Annual Bible Lectureship at Nkavikeng, Nso'. The whole occasion was a great success; and the 14 Americans who came to work in the campaign made this evangelization very special and achieved its early goals.

The week before the Lectureship, a lot of national advertisement was done, including TV, radio, and ads in three newspapers. We also locally put up banners, placard/notices, gave out invitations, and special information notiCameroonces; plus offers for free New Testaments. On November 28th, a thousand more offers were distributed, and the campaigners gave out another 2,500 over the next two days. On Thursday, November 30th 2006, people began to bring back their completed offers and study with the campaigners and their student helpers in the mornings, while in the building, lectures were going on. In the afternoons, the American campaigners went out with Bible School students and others to do house-to-house work and distribute more invitations. For seven evenings,Tuesday through Sunday, evening public preaching was done, which took place at five different locations in all.

At least 733 people came from all over the country, including all ten provinces. They represented 127 Cameroonian, 2 Nigerian, and 8 American congregations, making this our largest lectureship ever. One of the largest efforts during the week was feeding all these people three times a day, which the members of Nkavikeng did very well. The new two-story building which is 90% completed seats about 450, plus we rented an extra 550 chairs for the front yard. These were placed under two large tarpaulins. We also housed all of these people in 3 “dormitories” and three hotels that we had reserved. On Saturday, December 2nd, His Highness the Fon of Nso' came to our special 50th Anniversary celebration. The national television and radio stations were also present for the special hour.

2009 National Lectureship will be held in November at Ekona.