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The Kees in Cameroon

Paul & Janet Kee

50 Years in Africa

January 2017 marks 50 years since Paul's parents, Windle and Barbara Kee, went to Nigeria. The Biafran War caused them to leave to Cameroon. Paul started preaching in December 1967 and went back in the summers of 1972-1976 as an apprentice. W. Paul and Janet M. Kee are the only missionaries for the Church of Christ living in Cameroon. They have been working there full-time since 1976.

W. Paul and janet Kee have been doing full-time mission work since 1976. Paul went to Harding because of the Mission Internship Program, and got his Master's from Harding Graduate School of Theology in Memphis. He was Missionaryin- Residence at Freed-Hardeman in 2000- 2001. Janet bas a degree from Southern College of Optometry and has given out almost 9,000 pairs of used eyeglasses and cases, along with tracts and Bible lessons. Read more

Cameroon Report


November 2016

Dear Christian brethren,

Janet and I have just arrived back in the States after a special 11-day trip to Cameroon. This was for the Dedication or Launching of the complete Bible in Lamnso', the dialect in which we've bPaul Kee with Lamnso Full Bible Translationeen working for the last 35+ years. That language, the largest among 253 in the country, is the reason we moved to Nso' in 1981 ; we wanted to work in a native tongue where we could spend many years. The serendipity came with a wonderful climate and the two best hospitals in the country in our city.

I got involved at the end of the translation of the Lamnso' New Testament in 1981, before it came out in 1990. When the Old Testament part started in 1996, I was right in the middle of it. I paid the rent on the Bible Translation Center for 16 years, and now the Lamnso' Literacy Center for three. SLamsno' Bibleeventeen years ago I placed four translators, our Bible School graduates, on the 12-man translation team. We also financed a revision of the New Testament. For the last three years I have been in charge of the preparations for the Dedication, with 110 grass-roots workers getting ready with us. There were 5,200 meals cooked and 5,400 bottles of soda and water, plus lots of logistics, with hundreds helping.

On November 18th (changed to Friday from Saturday) we had a Wonderful Launching of the complete Nwa' Nyuy (God's Book) in Lamnso'. There were over 5,000 people in attendance, including the governor's representative and the Catholic "cardinal." We already have over 200 students who have done the 21 Bible lessons in Lamnso' and were given one Bible free. We paid for 200 of the 1,000 Bibles we had ordered, but I will still have to raise another $9,900 for the other 800 I ordered on faith.

Our Bible School Lectureship is on track again for May 2017. We have plans for a campaign group to come from the States, especially including from the congregation that helped us to re-start it this year. We are stilllookinr fOr people to go! The dates are May 17th to 31st. I will need all the names of those going, by the end of January, in order to get invitation letters visaed in Cameroon and back to us, so we can apply for visas from Washington, in February. So please call me or e-mail me if yBaptism in Cameroonou have the slightest interest, and I will send you details. We are really excited about the campaign group!

Unfortunately, not all of our efforts and stories are so good. Since 2008, we have lost over 30% of our monthly support, plus another $68 reduction this month by a congregation who has gone down. Our budget calls for a monthly increase of $9,700. This can only come from individuals like you. Last month I preached on Sunday at a congregation, concluding with an illustration about walking out of worship when a congregation started clapping while they were singing. My point was that in Cameroon, where we always answer Bible questions in public, "We don't preach or practice anything we cannot support from Scripture." On that Tuesday an elder called and dropped the $200 a month they had been giving for 32 years. Read more